Hike Date to Manoa Falls

Since my last post, I was able to squeeze in one more hike before my Spring Break was bogged down with seemingly endless days of work followed by a weekend of paper writing. I have finally caught a breather, and decided to update my blog yet again before school starts tomorrow, and there's not telling when I will have time to update again.

After my post on Monday, my boyfriend and I went to have some lunch. After that, we went to Longs to buy some bug repellent that help us a lot on our hike to Manoa Falls. By the way, I'm from Southern California, where there are countless trails that are quite breath taking for a frequent hiker like myself. However, this was probably the most beautiful trail I have ever hiked, and I'm really happy we did it. It was extremely muddy, but well worth it. If any of you ever come to Oahu, Manoa Falls is definitely a must-see place.

Anyway, without further ado, I present the awesome photos I took with my awesome camera:

 See what I mean, by how extremely beautiful it is?

 Easy enough trail right?

 I ventured off the trail many times to get these shots.

 The hike was SO muddy and slippery!

 Whoever said this hike had no incline was an absolute liar.

 That bit of incline was worth it when we started seeing the water fall.

 Awesome right? Next time I go, I'm bringing my bathing suit.

So there you have it. My Spring Break was not that eventful, but these hikes made it wonderful. I hope you have all been well. Anyone done anything fun lately? I would love to hear about it considering how I've done nothing but work and write lately. Take care lovelies!


  1. Aaaah, such BEAUTIFUL photos (we are so lucky)! I love that it looks like you both had the falls and the entire trail to yourselves. So happy to read that you were able to pause on your Spring Break and enjoy nature!

    1. Thank you Angie! We really do live in a place of true beauty. :)

  2. So beautiful!
    I can't wait for spring so I can start hiking and going to pretty places again.
    Because yes, I am STILL WAITING for spring! It snowed here yesterday!

  3. Oh my gee!
    I would enjoy hiking so much more if this was the view.
    So very beautiful :)

  4. so i've been really bad at updating my blog and reading yours -__- college - you know how it is... but i'm glad i got a chance to catch up on yours!! making me homesick!


    1. Don't even worry about it; I totally know what you mean. School has completely owned my soul, and I truly admire anyone who is able to fit regular blogging into his/her hectic daily schedule. I hope school is treating you well, and don't worry, you'll be home to these warm waters soon enough!

  5. GORGEOUS shots! I keep meaning to do hikes when I'm home. I'll definitely have to get on that next time.