Call Me Spiderwoman

I scaled these lava rocks the other day while I was out at the beach.
I lounged around at Cockroach Cove (don't worry, there wasn't a single six-legged critter in sight), and decided to go exploring. So, I left my friends down at the sand, and decided to scale the wall of lava rocks to see what was on the other side.

This is my view before the climb.

Getting higher...

 My phone took this shot right as I slipped and fell. I thought it looked cool for some reason.

My friends looked like little ants from way up there!!!

I made it to the top, and didn't realize how extremely windy it was going to be, so I just sat down, and admired the view.

 The weather here in Hawai'i is constantly changing very drastically. This was the view of the other side of the wall, and you can see the drastic change in the weather.

 I had the strongest urge to just run and jump off of this cliff into the water, but the weather was calling for very turbulent waters, and I din't want to risk it.

 The view at the top was totally worth the risk and effort of the climb.

I slipped and fell on some wet lava rock, and ended up with these gashes on my arms and legs. 

So, at the end of the day, I ended up with a sprained wrist, gashes on my arms and legs, sore limbs, beat up hands and feet. In my opinion, it was all totally worth it. I had an awesome time climbing those rocks, and I would go through it all again and again.

I hope you've all been well! 


  1. that view was amazing, the water looks so blue. thankfully you didn't get more serious injuries!

  2. Have I ever told you that I am jealous of your life? If not, please allow me to take a moment and do that now....okay, and we're done. That view is beautiful, and you are quite the photographer! You have a lot of courage to make that climb, and to even consider jumping in the water from that high! (I am a weak swimmer, lousy at holding my breath, and I panic when submerged)

    How high did you climb? Your friends really do look like ants.


    1. Haha, thank you Shane! I haven't done any jumping off of high cliffs into water yet (unfortunately), but I do plan to do so very soon! I don't know how high I climbed, but it was pretty stinkin' high considering how small my friends were once I reached the top haha. :)