Behold, the Scholarly Swagger of a UH Warrior

I just got back from class, and I have something to share with you!

Feast yourselves on UH's finest:

People like her make my school pride soar. Go Warriors!
Also, this picture is saved on my computer under the file name "gross".

Other fine moments at UH Manoa:
  1. In a classroom full of English majors, one girl raised her hand and asked the professor, "In regards to the essays, does spelling and grammar count for grading?"
  2. One of my professors thinks he is God's gift to literature because he is from England, but very rarely does he teach about literature. My favorite lesson was when he spent the entire class period ranting about how we are all dishing out our money for a low-quality education. Cheers prof!
  3. The financial aid office failed to disburse my student loan in time, so they decided they would take the tuition money out of my own personal bank account. Not my financial aid account, not even my Bank of Hawaii account. No. My Wells Fargo account. The one that I can't transfer money into because Wells Fargo does not exist on this island.
  4. This is the second consecutive semester that they have done this to me.
  5. We're in a lecture hall, and a girl in a mini skirt walks in. She sees her friend three rows up right below my boyfriend's row. Instead of walking up the aisle to get to her desired seat, she decides to straddle over the first two rows, revealing to the rest of the class her commando status and spacious cavern. Glorious.
Now you all know the real reason why I want to move. Of course, going to school in Hawaii definitely has its benefits, like being able to go to the beach right when you're done with class. Also, I am not saying that there isn't a good amount of people who express an interest or concern for their education, but it seems like there is only a small handful of those students. I would really like to surround myself with enriching people, not the apathetic rejects who all seemed to picked UH because it seemed like the ideal party school. Is it like this at every university? I really hope not; otherwise, there really is no hope left in the world. Hopefully, my next post will be less snarky.


  1. This is pretty much inline with my own college experience. The only difference was that my school didn't go Oceans 11 on my personal bank account. It was like a more traditional bank robbery where they write a very nice note demanding I give them money. Also, we had more snow.

    1. haha Yeah my school kinda sucks about the whole tuition thing. I would totally take snow over a blazing sun every single day. Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog. It's pretty awesome! :D

  2. Hi Tina! It stinks that you're not liking your school still. Maybe it is time to start praying about either a new outlook, or a transfer!!

    1. Yeah, I've been looking into two different schools as transfer possibilities. I hope it all works out for the best!

  3. Ugh. The above photo is exactly what bugs me about college. Being stuck in a class with a bunch of uncool wannabe...whatever that girl's trying to be. YUCK. I hate being forced into a classroom with people I'd rather not be around.

    Also, there's no such thing as a party college. Truly. I don't understand why people think you can drink your way to A's and B's. It just doesn't happen. Unless you're wearing a football jersey.

    Sorry for the bible verse. :-p

    P.S. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I sure appreciate it. :-)

    1. No, you're totally right. This is why I want to go to a school where the kids take their education a little more seriously. I'm so sick of the apathy. It's like these kids don't know the true value of their education. I'm gonna go ahead and say they're probably not paying for their own tuition out of pocket every month. haha :)