Too Stressed to Think of a Title

I was feeling rather defeated today. There just seems to be so much that I have to do between now and the end of this week. I'm hoping that by writing out a list of everything that is stressing me out, I will be able to tackle it better one by one instead of having it be this giant mountain of impossibility in my brain. 

1.) Two major papers due this next week along with a personal statement for a college I'm trying to get in to that offers a much better creative writing program than UH does. 

2.) Three different novels need to be completed within this time frame.

3.) This all wouldn't be so overwhelming if it weren't crucial to my career.

4.) There is a gigantic sale at work tomorrow for Valentine's Day. I am terrified of the hoards of customers that I will have to deal with because of THIS:

That's it. That's not so bad. I will get through this week no matter what, but it's up to me to decide if I want it to be a successful one or not. I should probably go for a run to take my mind off of this mess. Or I could just curl up with some pasta and watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix all night.

How do you normally handle a load of stress?


  1. take a deep breath. After this week, give yourself some R&R and do absolutely nothing!

    1. Thanks Alma, I will definitely do that. Until then, I just hope this migraine goes away so I can get everything done. :(

  2. I'm so happy that you are blogging again! And i agree with Alma, its all about taking a deep breath and just thinking about the relaxation at the end of it all.