A Decade of an Identity Crisis

One time, when I was twelve, I called my friend's house and her brother answered. When he told her a friend was on the phone for her, she asked him, "Who is it?" He responded, "I don't know, some white girl."

And so began my identity crisis.

Flash forward ten years, and I find myself sitting in my 18th Century Literature class. The girl next to me asked me where I am from, and I told her, "I'm from Southern California." She responded, "Oh, I thought so, because very few asians can achieve the 'local look', and you have really achieved that look. Now I know it's because you're from Southern California, and that's like the only place where I could see that happening."

I got a B+ in that class. 

My perfect GPA may have been ruined, but hey, I've achieved the "local look". What have you done with your life?

Speaking of school, fall semester starts tomorrow. I'm really going to give UH a full chance this time around. I hope I can come to love the school as much as I love living in Hawaii. As of Thursday, August 16th, I have officially made it one full year of living in Hawaii. I think it's definitely time for me to make a trip back home. 

I miss my dog way too much.
And my friends and family of course...but they have opposable thumbs which allow them to dial my number or Skype with me whenever we wish. My dog, on the other hand, does not have that blessing. I miss that guy.


  1. Wow, what a racially insensitive thing to say. I can't tell if it makes it better or worse when someone is trying to be politically correct and then they just fail. Miserably. Try not to let stuff like that bog you down. You've been in Hawaii for one more year and you're brave enough to keep pushing forward on your path. I believe good things will come your way, and soon :)

  2. Oh Tina. i just want to give you a big hug...and the brother/girl next to you in class a big smack upside the head. *sigh* Don't let other's ignorance make you doubt who you are inside. xx

    Hope you can pop over to the Labor Day Giveaway I'm having.

    Happy Blogging.