If Tears are Strength, I'm Exhausted

I am, quite possibly, the most ungrateful person who has ever walked the face of this earth.

I was pretty upset about being called in to work all effing day, that I didn't appreciate anything that happened today. Then, a little seven-year-old girl who is the daughter of one of my customers made her dad go buy me a box of chocolates so that she could hand it to me and say, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

I put the little girl to the back of my head, and went about my day at work. It wasn't until I came home and realized that I was so busy spending the day being ungrateful, I forgot to be sweet to my boyfriend. I forgot about being how grateful that I am with such an awesome and wonderfully sweet man. I actually made him feel sad because of the way I was acting. It was then that I remembered this girl who took the time and went out of her way to be sweet to me, even though she doesn't know me at all! I just spent the last couple of hours crying to myself over my ungratefulness. I really need to keep myself in check from now on. Today was a day of me being a SUB (Straight Up Bitch). No more SUB days for me. I need to start appreciating the people in this world. Everyone. Because even people who barely know me at all, are wonderful enough to be sweet to me.

Holidays are essentially holy days. If I can't even appreciate the special days that are meant to stand out, how am I ever going to truly appreciate the normal days? How will I ever appreciate life???

This box of Ferrero Rochers will serve as a reminder to me that unnecessary kindness in strangers can sometimes be the most crucial. 

There is still a little over an hour left of Valentine's Day. I'm going to finally go enjoy the dinner that my amazing boyfriend cooked for me.


  1. I'm glad the day turned out to be a good one after all. :)

    I think that little girl was kind to you for a reason and I love that the message behind her thoughtfulness has stuck with you.

    Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  2. Sometimes it's really easy to lose track of what's important in life when all the distractions and stress take over.
    Valentine's day is only one day of the year, and I'm sure you have PLENTY of time to show your boyfriend that you care about him and appreciate him so much :)

    Sometimes all it takes is a little love from an unjaded child :)

  3. That little girl sounds so sweet! Don't feel too down about the way you were - we all have our off days, but it's just great that you learned something from it. Hope your final hour of Valentine's Day was a lovely one! :)

  4. Well at least you realized you were being a SUB (a term which I love btw). I actually wrote my Vday blog about appreciating the love you have and not getting upset at what does or doesn't happen. I certainly have been there in the past when I've been a SUB on holidays.


  5. Thank you ladies, your kind words mean a lot to me. I think I was just missing my friends back home, and refusing to see the good in everything. I'm glad I finally got some sense knocked into me, even if it was so late in the day. :)