When My Boyfriend Spends the Night with a Teenage Assasin

At 5:03 a.m. this morning, I woke up to my boyfriend pouncing on me and clawing at my chest. Along with that, he was screaming, "STOP! STOP! STOP!"

I grabbed his hand and ask him, "What are you doing???"

I don't think he heard me at first, because he persisted to frantically throw back the covers and pillows asking me, "Where is it?? Where is it??? Did you find it?"

"Find WHAT?" I asked him.


That's the last time I let him stay up until 4 in the morning reading The Hunger Games.

Get outta here Katniss Everdeen; 
I've lost sleep because of you and your awesome adventures.

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend talk in his/her sleep? Have you ever witnessed a half conscious outburst in the middle of the night by one of your friends or family members? Tell me about it; I love hearing stories about this kind of stuff, because it's just so hilarious! (That is, if no one gets hurt in these events of course.)

I wish I had friends who were more like this:

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration! :)


  1. Ah, The Hunger Games. My boyfriend is about to finish the book and he loves it!

  2. Haha! I woke up multiple times this past week because I've been watching American Horror Story with my boyfriend. It's creepy!

  3. Great site Tina and hilarious post! Sounds like you need to sleep with one eye open or hide that book;) Thanks for your post and for adding my button!!!! -Audry Cece:)

  4. I just started the 3rd book of the series. I love It. My husband sometimes sleep walks, but its never that intense.

  5. Haha, I sleep talk all of the time!
    My poor boyfriend has to put up with the stupid stuff I say most nights.

    My favorite is a few weeks ago when I woke up him up shouting "why can't I have some?!"

  6. HAHA oh my god this is hysterical lol. I can imagine you just so confused!

    And my manfriend likes to pin me in awkward positions while he sleeps. He tries the cuddle thing but what is comfortable with him. Then I have to basically fight with him in the middle of slumber just to break free. It is funny after it happens but very flustering when trying to sleep

  7. I've been reading it, as you know, and it's pretty intense lol. I'm loving the third book.