The Calm Before the Storm

Today is the calm before the storm of the semester, and I might not have time to blog as much as I would like to. Since it's Sunday and I feel like giving my little legs a break from walking, I've decided to wrap up my summary of the last couple days since I've moved here, and update on that desk I mentioned in the previous post. So, here goes my second post in one day (and hopefully not my last post for a long time).

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle and fun in the sun, it was almost easy to forget that we actually moved here to go to school. Thank goodness my boyfriend and I actually have our first class together. French 101 at 7:30 starting tomorrow morning.

Oh mon dieu.

I feel pretty confident that we have everything we need though. We haven't been running around in the city these past couple of days for nothing. After we came back from the beach, we had a little snack then went right into tackling the construction of our desk. Now, I grew up in a do-it-yourself family. When he wasn't cutting people up and operating on them, my dad spent his time building our sun room and creating our landscape. My mom liked to help him out, but she also did many things on her own such as sewing and cooking. So, thanks to my wonderful parents, using tools, designing my own clothes, and cooking are not foreign concepts to me. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed helping my boyfriend put together our work station.

These slabs of wood were soon to be our wonderful work station.

It was pretty easy, for the most part, and we got to the finishing touches in under an hour.

After an hour of hard work, here is our finished product.

And this is what our work station looks like all set up in its rightful place by the window.

There are still many things that we need to add to our room. As you can see, we only have the memory foam mattress to sleep on right now, and soon we will get an actual bed to put it in. We also need a good office chair for our work station, and I might look for that on Craigslist along with our dresser and mirror stand. I'm thinking I might get us a coat hanger too; except I would like to use it for drying off our bathing suits instead of coats (for obvious reasons).

So, after our hour of roughing it with the desk, we scrounged up some leftover ingredients from when our roommate (his brother) made us enchiladas the night before and decided to reward ourselves with a taco night. If you haven't noticed from our previous post, we like to reward ourselves often after a long period of hard work. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with that; if anything, that just makes us work even harder and our rewards that much more enjoyable.

He cooked the meat and tortillas while I chopped the veggies and washed the dishes.
I would say we make quite a good team. :)

Yes, it definitely tasted as amazing as it looked.

So there you go, the days since I've moved here as best as I can remember it. I'm hoping that once I get back in gear with school my mind will be more focused, and I would be able to write better posts. Also, I am looking into getting a camera soon (and possibly a waterproof camera for my inevitable underwater adventures!). I have been taking my pictures with my BlackBerry, and I know they haven't been that great. I won't be able to afford a camera any time soon; so, for the meantime, I hope you can all bear with my poor-quality camera phone photos. 

Anybody starting school tomorrow?
Are you ready for it?

I'm so excited for school to start. This past year I didn't really get to go to school, and instead I had to work three jobs to support myself after my car accident, and also to save up to go to whichever university I was determined to get into. Speaking of jobs, I still haven't heard back from them yet. There was a bit of a complication with the background check because the company was unable to contact one of my previous employers. Now I'm worried I might not get the job because of that. I'll update more on that later, but I really really hope I get this job.

Alright, I think I'm going to order some pizza for myself and the boys tonight. I think we're all too lazy on this glorious Sunday to cook. The next time I'm on here, I may or may not be a complete stress ball due to school or work...or both. For now, I am just going to relax and enjoy my beautiful new life. :)

Aloha folks!


  1. Good luck back @ class. Your work station looks great! & nothing like a great dinner w/ your boy to get your mind ready for today. XOXO

  2. You strike me as someone who is living the dream. Starting a new chapter of your life on a beautiful island with your boyfriend. It's a great story :)

    Taco night looks delicious, and pizza night sounds just as awesome.

    Hope your first day of class went well! I start mine next Monday.


  3. Yay! I'm glad youre getting all set up in the apartment! Ahh I remember my first apartment. It's alot of just learning-as-you-go but definitely so much fun!

    And sadly I will not be going to Hawaii juuust yet. Hes stationed in Oklahoma right now, so off to there first!

    And I have been going to Shippensburg :) Its my senior year (AHH!) I absolutely love it here and I play rugby, so ready for the season to start!

    PS I always do the camera phone photos. I promise I don't mind the quality!

  4. Thanks guys! I really do feel like I'm living a beautiful life with my boyfriend. He's a wonderful man, and I feel happier and happier every single day. :)

  5. Only an hour to set that up? I would have been there all night trying to figure it, haha. OMG! Thanks for making me hungry, that looks like uber amounts of yumminess. I start school on Friday, only taking two classes.

  6. Good Luck with settling in and starting school.

  7. I've been putting off building a hutch...Okay I've been a little afraid to do it but you post helped eliminate that fear. If you have time check out my blog I'm at Deliciously Happy