Attack of the Phone Calls

It's been over a week since I went to my interview for that job I applied for. Since then, I've been on pins and needles about whether or not I would get even get this job because it seemed as though my background check was taking far longer than usual to go through. Before you go around assuming that I am a drug-dealing criminal, it's best to know that the problems were documentation based as far as providing W-2's and/or pay stubs as proof of employment at my many previous jobs.

That and I don't even do drugs.

Or drink for that matter.


It was a little frustrating to try and explain to the background checking agency that there was no way I was able to scan any documentation and fax it to them considering how the paperwork is in California, and I am three thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean. However, yesterday, after a long week of phone tag between the agency, my previous jobs, and my parents, I was finally able to provide them with everything they needed. Today, I got a phone call with an offer for a second interview that I completed about an hour ago on the phone. It was a little difficult to prove myself over the phone, because I personally find myself to be much cuter and more convincing in person. In any case, it turns out I did a decent job with that interview without the assistance of my obvious physical beauty and charm.

Oh you laugh? I'm insulted.


Shortly after the phone interview, the manager called me and I got the job. :D

The pay is great, and the benefits are amazing. I'm extremely excited to have landed this job, but of course there was a bit of a snag. Right after I hung up with my manager, the corporate recruiter called me and informed me that I needed to provide either my birth certificate, passport, or social security card within the next three to four days for full verification. I didn't pack any of that stuff. I asked the recruiter if there was any way I could just use my driver's license, but in my mind I was thinking,

"GRRRAKJHSDFJnkjsdfakjf;;JDSHF What else do you have up your sleeve???? I just want to be employed already!!!!"

Thank goodness for my amazing parents. As soon as I sent the electronic signature to accept the employment offer, I called my parents and they told me that they will ship me my social security card over night, and I should have it by Monday.

I love them.

So, yay for being employed again! I'm extremely excited to start working again. As far as school goes, I absolutely love my classes, and my campus is absolutely beautiful. I'm so ready to get that 4.0; you have no idea. I'm even excited to read these 170 pages over the weekend. I mean, who wouldn't be excited about all that reading if they get to do it all while tanning at the beach? No one. That's who.

For those of you who have also started school, I hope you all had a wonderful first week back, and I hope to hear all about that soon. I see some of you are looking at some pretty stressful loads this semester, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck. For you lucky ducks who don't start school until the end of September or are done with school indefinitely, I hope you are continuing to have an epic summer. :)


  1. COngrats on the job! I hope your first day on the job is amazing!

  2. Yay congrats on the job. That must be a huge weight off your shoulders!

  3. congrats! i'm from hawaii and i like your blogging very much.

  4. My first week is going well. Workload will keep me under the gun more than any of my last 10 semesters, but hey...this too shall pass, no?

    Congrats! I know how much you were hoping for this job and how much more comfortable your life will be with this income. Your time in Hawaii is off to a great start, and may this triumph simply be the first of many!


  5. And Shane, I don't have any doubt in my mind that you are going to power through the heavy workload like the champ that you are. :)

  6. And I have no doubts that you are going to earn that 4.0 :)