Always on Top

I remember when I used to lie on top of you, concentrating on the steady sound of my breath. The sight of my sweat dripping onto your skin gave me satisfaction. You were mine. At the end of the day, it was just you and me. You never complained when I was too rough on you. To be honest, I think you liked it. The way I dug my fingernails into your skin to keep from losing control. You liked it that I was taking advantage of you. It made you feel important. Needed. Useful. I think we needed each other.

I often wondered what you thought of me as you were lying there watching me stretch my body into whichever position was demanded of me. Was I doing it right? Did I put too much pressure on you? Did you even care? Or did you just want me there? Quiet and submissive, always letting me be on top. You supported me for so long, but now it’s time for me to leave you. I can tell that I have worn you out. 

You no longer give me the same satisfaction that I received when we first met. Although it was often brief, our time together always left me feeling beautiful, sexy,   strong, and invincible. An hour a day was never enough, but we both knew that I had to get back to my life outside of that room in which we met every afternoon.You are starting to look frail, and the color of your skin is not as vibrant as it was before. There is only so much imperfection that a girl can take before it’s time to buy a new yoga mat.


  1. *sigh* I didn't even make the claw marks that are on my yoga mat... it has been two timing me with my own cats! Horrible, just horrible. :( *eats tub of ice cream*