Overcoming Sexism at Work

Today at work, I asked a man if he needed help.

He looked at me and replied, "No thank you, I'm actually waiting for someone who would be a little bit more knowledgeable. I have a lot of questions, and I would like to get the right information."

Then, as if to ease the load of rudeness he just threw at me, he added, "But you're very beautiful though, so that makes it ok."

Makes WHAT ok???

I just looked at him with this expression and thought running through my mind:

When he asked me if I minded, I responded curtly, "Nope, it's fine. You can wait as long as you want for someone who is more knowledgeable than I am."

He responded, "Thank you; love your hair by the way."

You see, because I'm a woman, I shouldn't care about being well-informed in my area of work. No. Instead, my primary concern should be about how my hair looks to people I could not care less about. I should tell my boss to give me a raise for the aesthetic quality of my hair.

And yes, the man was bald.

1 comment:

  1. O.O
    Did he honestly think that was ok to say?
    GAH!!! I really hate guys sometimes.
    Great expression by the way, hilarious.