The Epiphany and the Makeover

I had a dream that my blog was called "Breakfast at Tina's". So, with "Breakfast at Tiffany's" being one of my favorite movies of all time, I naturally had to act upon my dream and completely make over my blog, domain and all. So what do you think??? I hope you like it.


Anyway, back to The Virtue Vows. This week, I will be covering both the second and third installment of the four virtues I have chosen to work on.

Last week, I focused on responsibility, and this week I am working on personal courage. If ever there was a perfect time to bring the two virtues together, it would be now. Before I get to the details of my daunting situation, I think it's important to provide you with some highlights from the link provided above on what I have been focussing on this week.

Personal Courage (Fortitude)

- Acquired ability to overcome or endure difficulties: pain, inconvenience, disappointment, setbacks, worry, tedium.

- Habit of overcoming anxiety through purposeful, honorable action.

- Attitude of seeing escape as something unworthy, even dishonorable.

- Realization that "anticipation" is usually worse than "reality." Projected problems are generally lighter and easier than we expect them to be.

-Confidence in problem-solving abilities, built through lifetime practice in solving problems.

-Determination to overcome personal shortcomings. If we are shy, we learn to be friendly and a "good listener." If we are impulsive, we practice restraint and reflection about consequences. If we are lazy, we strive toward purposeful action. If we do not understand something, we make effort to study.


The way I see it, courage and responsibility are two virtues that definitely go hand in hand. Not all who are courageous are responsible, but all those who are responsible are courageous. It takes true bravery to be able to face one's iniquities and personally change for the better.

When I got out of the shower this morning, my BlackBerry was flashing with an email from my bank notifying me that my account was in overdraft. Turns out, UH pulled the majority of my spring tuition out of my personal banking account instead of my financial aid account. What's worse? I was charged with an overdraft fee from my bank, and a rejected check fee from my school. What can get worse than that?

Rent was due today.

I spent all of fifteen minutes freaking out about what I was going to do with rent and tuition, then I told myself, there is no way that I should have to bear the burden of my school's mistake, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that this gets taken care of. I will get next semester's tuition paid off in time, and I will have enough money to cover this month's rent (even if that means I have to dip into my savings for now). What I learned from all of this is:

Taking responsibility over your life means everything will work out because you will make it work out, and you can only be defeated if you allow yourself to be.

When all else fails in life, the only thing I can count on is my determination. Everything will be ok, because I will make it ok. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. :)


  1. "Taking responsibility over your life means everything will work out because you will make it work out, and you can only be defeated if you allow yourself to be."

    I take a lot of counseling classes, as you know. I can't tell you how many times I have heard this sentence, or something similar, taught as one of the themes. Individual empowerment. Courage - 'grace under pressure', as Hemingway described it. Definitely a very worthwhile virtue, especially in today's day and age when people are so focused on blaming others for their problems that they avoid responsibility themselves.