A Call for an Intervention

I come to you, hat in my hands and my tail between my legs, asking for help and advice.

I don't know if it's my busy work schedule or my tendency to overachieve in school, but I really feel like I have a problem of sheer laziness when it comes to updating and reading blogs. So, as a blogger, how and when do you find the time to blog? I see all these great posts on my reading list, and I always wonder, "How the heck do these people do it?"

I haven't had time to thoroughly read blogs let alone the novels that I need for my own homework. I know I'm not the only one with a busy life, and I am wondering how the rest of you are able to incorporate time for blogging into your daily schedules. Another thing is that I worry that I don't really have anything worth blogging about in terms of excitement and relevance. What do you normally get inspired to blog about? How do you find these inspirations?

Hopefully, I will be back by Sunday at the latest having taken all of your advice to heart, with a quality post for you to read. I hope you've all been well! Until next time...


  1. I wake up early and go to bed late and drink lots of coffee and water if I am tired. (B12 helps with energy and focus too) I can sleep when I am old. :P

    I just create posts for me; if people like them/comment on them great.. if they don't the post still has significance to me-- I like to have a full archive of where I've been, what I was thinking, things I like, people I encounter, etc.

    You do a great job, don't worry!

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

  2. As said before, you're an awesome blogger! No worries, Tina! But I know how you feel...blogging takes a lot of time and effort. I was so good at keeping up with my reading, but lately I've been slipping as the semester gets busier and I spend more and more time with friends and my new relationship. If you find the secret to keeping up with your posting let me know lol...in the meantime, all I can tell you is that I read one blog at a time. I go through my list and bomb them with comments entry by entry. It's the easiest way to catch up lol. Keeps you organized. As far as posting goes, don't be afraid of short posts. When I first started I thought every blog entry had to be an essay...but sometimes you can say so much with so little. Even a picture or a bulleted list will do the job and keep your readers on the up-and-up about what's going on in your life. My posts are a mix of long stories and short snippets. I look at it this way: I read a lot of blogs. Surely my friends do as well. Sometimes, when I'm trying to catch up, I'm grateful to find some shorter posts mixed in with the long ones lol. Anyway, this long rambling comment is done now :P


  3. Thanks for the tips friends! Your advice is greatly appreciated, and I will definitely be putting it all to use. :)