Symphonies of the City

A baby is screaming and the police sirens are blaring. 

Somewhere downstairs, a girl yells, "Get the FUCK out you FUCKING asshole!"

A door slams, and a man yells incoherently. Another girl (or perhaps the same one) begs loudly, "Stop it, stop it right now! I said STOP IT!!!"

An engine roars, and with the screech of some tires, the yelling stops. 

The baby continues to cry, and the sirens continue to go off.
The sounds in my neighborhood paint a very colorful picture of the life around me. As I'm typing, an ambulance is wailing down the streets, and if I'm lucky, they might stop long enough to unmask the sound of the baby's cries that seemingly last all day and all night.

I wonder where its mother is.

Just across the main street and the canal, lies Waikiki Beach. A tourist location that consists of music bumping in the background, glasses clinking, and the occasional laughter erupting nearby. The tourists engage in the hustle and bustle of merriment and joy that goes on every night, completely unaware of the dysfunctional reality outside of their vacation oasis.

This isn't suburban Orange County anymore. Life actually continues past 9pm out here, and people aren't afraid to take their issues to the streets. I've realized that there's no point in holding on to inhibitions out here, because events that are normally classified as crazy and outrageous are a common occurrence in the city. No need to worry about people talking about how weird you are, because they've probably seen someone or something a lot weirder, and they've probably already seen it several times that day already. It very much feels like I moved to Los Angeles, but with a different vibe that I still can't quite put my finger on. I'll elaborate on that once I can truly identify the atmosphere.

Honolulu isn't all bad. I guess the dysfunction is a required feature when it comes to the whole package of living in an urban city. Sleeping has been coming much more easily lately, so I guess that means I'm adjusting to the chaos.

I promise I'll try to update more frequently. I understand that my blogging status has plummeted these past few weeks, and in all honesty, I simply haven't been focussed enough to sit down and find just one thing to write about. I think my only readers are a couple faithful followers, the occasional newcomers, and a dedicated stalker. I do believe it's time to branch out more in the blogosphere.


  1. Tina, thank you for my first comment.

    The crazy baby adventures is a good birth control that works well if you don't want to have kids any time soon =P

    I've always wanted to see Pearl Harbor. My mom went there a few years back and told us (us being my little sister) about the lost souls and how their tears still float to the top. That's tear jerking right there.

    I would have preferred not to get out of bed until after 10 also, but stuff happens. And when life give you lemons make lemon aid =] mmmm

  2. Please come to Maui; I promise not all islands have symphonies like that, good grief!

    Glad to read you are slowly adjusting and getting some sleep these days. What's going on with the mysterious bug bites? Have those gotten better?

    BTW, thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog tonight...totally put a smile on my face.

    Have a good weekend! xo

  3. i was hoping you wouldn't find out about my stalking...

  4. P.S. Thanks for putting me on your blog list...I'm flattered!

  5. So which of us are the faithful followers, and who among our number is the dedicated stalker? This is the point where all of the commenters look around the room and point fingers at each other. Haha.

    I don't think I could ever do what you're doing. I'm too much of a suburban/rural guy. The sounds of the city would drive me insane.

    But seriously, I know how you feel about blogging. You don't realize how time-consuming blogging is until you fully jump into it. It's easy to just talk about yourself, but hard to become involved with the lives of many others. It's also very rewarding...I trust most of my blogging friends more than many of my real life friends. :D

    We look forward to your triumphant return, and thanks for my place on your Blog List!