At the Bus Stop

I got on the wrong bus after work, and it took me an hour out of town. Now I'm stranded at this bus stop in a strange city with an excruciating migraine and a full bladder. I don't know if the next bus will even show up as planned.

I'm cold.

I'm hungry.

I'm exhausted.

I want to cry, but I can't. Crying won't do me any good, and it definitely won't make the bus arrive sooner. I'm so unfamiliar with this entire island, and I just want to give up, but giving up means I'll definitely never get familiar with this place. If I was still in Orange County I wouldn't have to deal with this, but if I was still in Orange County I wouldn't have the opportunity to explore this place. I had it all figured out in that tiny OC Bubble, but out here on my own, there's no one to cater to me, and no one to dote on me. I'm not used to having to figure things out on my own. Usually, if I'm unhappy, I just ask for the person in charge and give them a piece of my mind until I get what I want.

Right now, there's no one to blame but myself, and I'm going to suck it up and matter how hungry or tired I am. I chose to move out on my own, and this is part of the package of being on my own. I learned today that when I'm lost I can't just curl up and cry, because then the bus home might just pass me by. I thought I had what it takes to make it on my own, but I never realized I actually had to use it so soon. Oh well, I guess this is part of growing up, and at least I'm learning from these mistakes earlier on rather than later.


The bus is finally here.
It's time to go home.


  1. Oh no!!!!!!! I hope you got home safe and sound! I wouldn't have kept calm... I probably would have freaked out and had a panic attack! I give you a lot of credit for not freaking out.

  2. The anxieties you're feeling are entirely normal and are bound to come when you take such a big leap. But don't let them hold you back. You're doing something great and, as someone who never flew far from the nest, I truly admire your courage. You will grow so much from this experience.

    Stick to your guns, girl! Adjustment takes time but once you become more familiar with the area you may never want to leave :)


  3. The adversity is inevitable, but you seem well equipped to tackle it.

  4. I think you will be just fine :) keep your chin up and work hard!! ganbatte <3

  5. Yay for there being an end to the days where you get to come home and do anything.....

  6. I love the lesson that you learned, I think we all need to deal with things the way you dealt with that!! I really enjoyed reading this.. I need to apply it to myself! lol

    Been on my own since I went to college and I still throw tantrums when things go wrong!!! Thanks for this!!

    Found you on 20sb!! I will be back.


  7. Thanks guys, I definitely made it home safe and soundly. Thank you for being so nice even though I was being such a big baby. I hope you've all been well. :)