Paradise is Gloomy Sometimes

My last day of work was last Friday. Upon picking up my last paycheck on Monday, a thought ran through my mind that maybe I should have stayed and worked through this week. After all, I don't leave until next Tuesday, and I could really use the money. So far, I barely have enough saved up for the next two month's worth of rent, utilities, and bills, and I just dropped $98.51 on my ridiculous phone bill. There goes another hundred dollars that could have helped me out with the move.

Oh crap.

I forgot to budget for food. 
So much for living in paradise.

Hopefully, the job that I applied for in Hawaii works out. I have been keeping in contact with the manger via phone calls and emails. He seems very nice and helpful, and he also seems eager to have me on board seeing as I already have a lot of experience in sales. He gave me a call the other day though, telling me that he had to fill the position that I applied for which was 20-29 hours a week, but he opened up another requisition for me that is 0-19 hours a week. At this rate (granted I even get the job), I would probably have to look into getting a second job. With everything I have to pay for including the fact that I have to save up for full-time tuition next semester, I would have to work at least 30 hours a week.

Here's a Breakdown of the Doom & Gloom:

Minimum Wage in Hawaii: $7.25/hour (before taxes)
Annual Student Loan: $7,500
Full-Time Tuition & Fees: $12,600
Average Cost of Milk/Gallon: $8.00
Rent, Utilities, Bills: $500

I can't afford being a full-time student this semester, and I doubt I would be able to afford it next semester either. However, I do plan to save up to be enrolled in at least 9 credits instead of what I'm doing this semester, which is the half-time equivalent of 6 credits. Two hours of work will buy me one gallon of milk. How sad. At least my rent is cheap. I guess I would have to put having a social life on hold for now.


  1. $8...a gallon...for milk? That is ridiculous, but I guess when you're importing just about everything except coconuts supply and demand makes prices ridiculous.

    The real world is scary. All of the incidental expenses are a killer, but you'll make it through. A second job is always a possibility...19 hours here, 19 hours there. For now you have the one job open which buys you some time, right?

    Worst case scenario maybe you can increase your student loans, but that's dangerous.


  2. You're rent is very cheap! I'm living for the first time, on my own. Quite scary. And I don't have a job.

  3. I actually had somewhat of a savings going and figured it'd be cool to move on my own.. savings is gone and now I'm pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, hoping my car won't fail me.

    I feel your pain. Luckily I'm student-loaning it, so I have to worry about that later rather than sooner.

    Cherie @ Refractions

  4. Yeah, my rent may be rather inexpensive, but the cost of living there definitely is not. Shane you're definitely right; importing makes life so much more expensive over there. Unfortunately, $7,500 is the most I can get for my loan. I will explain more later. :)

  5. I've been in college for years and I love to hear other people's experiences about students, so any time you feel like explaining more is great with me lol.