If I were a Monkey...

Please pay extra attention to this video right around the time when the cheeseburgers start to fall from the sky.

So cheeseburgers aren't raining down from the sky for me, but that hasn't stopped me from running around these past few days feeling exactly how Steve felt when the heavens rained down on him with artery-clogging sandwiches. There were a few times when I was sure that if I had a Tina Thought Translator strapped to my flat chest, my family and friends would have been driven nuts by how many times the thing would be emitting the word "EXCITED!"

I'm so stoked and so ready to get to Hawaii. I can't wait to see what it's like! Hawaii is one of the two states (aside from Alaska) that I have not explored yet, and I am dying to scale a volcano and go shark diving on the North Shore. Is it tomorrow yet?

For now, I am virtually all packed aside for some last minute things that I will deal with later on tonight when I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to locate a lost sock or some other unnecessary item. I did a lot of last minute shopping today, and bought some beautiful blue sheets for the new bed that should be arriving at our apartment either today or tomorrow. It's a memory foam mattress, and I'm concerned that I might never want to leave it. I also visited my eyebrow lady one last time and got my unruly eyebrows threaded.

Gotta keep those bitches in check.

I think everything is good to go now. I just need to paint my toenails then I would be ready to say my final goodbyes to everyone tonight. Somehow, my two goodbye parties managed to be scheduled to start at the same time. My lovely friends worked it out though so that I would be able to say goodbye to my boyfriend's family first, then head over to the 17-course dinner they have planned for me afterward. I should probably wear my fat pants.

I don't have fat pants.

I guess I'll figure that out. For now, I have a couple phone calls to make about the job that I'm trying to get, then I need to run around yelling "Excited! Excited!" a couple times. By this time tomorrow, I will be on a plane to Hawaii.

But first, I need to attend these goodbye parties.
What do you say, waterproof mascara, or no mascara at all?

PS, if you haven't gotten the chance to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, please do.
It's a wonderfully adorable movie. :)


  1. Oh man, take lots of pictures! I hope you have an amazing time, volcano scaling and all!

    And I could really go for a cheeseburger hail storm right now. :)

  2. Ooooh, good luck!! I hate goodbyes!

  3. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I want a full report on how Hawaii is as soon as possible! Ahh I really hope this is all that you want and MORE seeing its so exciting! And crazy! I still think Hawaii is right next to Cali even though it completely isn't. Wish you safe travels!

  4. Hey Blog SISTER! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and saying hello! Looking forward to reading along and hearing about your transition from CA to Hawaii (I hope you like it!)!

  5. Thanks guys! I'll definitely take more pictures once I get settled in a little bit more. :)